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Fitness instructor

Fitness instructor

Over the last five years, I have had injuries in my calves, rotator cuff, and neck! I wanted to learn how to train myself around my injuries without creating pain or making them worse. I always seemed to irritate the areas, which was so discouraging because I love being active. This year, I met Kathleen Trotter who is a personal trainer in Toronto.

yoga class

katty julia

It's fantastic that you write about the other benefits of getting fit and incorporating fitness into your life — people really get intimidated (like, I have to be some kind of hard-bodies fitness queen slaving at the gym) but it's totally not true. Not to mention everything you touch on about depression, natural light, etc. I like your philosophy — it's honest and enlightened. Keep writing!

martial arts

dustin michel

Working out with Kathleen is a highlight of my week. She is enthusiastic, motivating, and knowledgeable about all things fitness. Kathleen is completely in tune with my goals, and pushes me to meet them. She is very creative in progressing sessions, making them fun and challenging at the same time. And no two sessions are ever the same!


Judith Kalman

If there was ever a trainer who makes sure her clients perform each exercise and maneuver correctly, so as not to sustain injury, it's Kathleen Trotter. Kathleen's experience is extensive, but what she brings to her work beyond expertise is a real ability to listen to the needs of a client to help that person reach her goals in a safe and doable manner.


Gabrielle Israelievitch

Working out with Kathleen has been a revelation. Not only does she tailor each session to my particular quirks and needs, she varies the circuits enough to keep me interested. Meanwhile, she can carry on a thoughtful conversation and count at the same time! I never would have believed I'd look forward to exercising.

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